Guided imagery and its practical use in counselling and psychotherapy

Guided imagery and its practical use in counselling and psychotherapy

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Guided imagery and its practical use in counselling and psychotherapy


Guided imagery is techniques in which many professional counsellors and psychotherapist will use to evoke feelings of relaxation or series of experiences in the intervention process. This relaxed state may assist healing, learning, creativity, and performance. These techniques are based on the concept of mind-body connection.

This workshop will explain the psychological foundations of guided imagery.  and how its use was developed in clinical settings.


Workshop Outline:



  1. A introduction of the concept related to Guided imagery
  2. The use of imagery in different contexts
  3. Thematic use of guided imagery
  4. Understanding the blocks in using imagery
  5. Therapeutic use of guided imagery


Format:  Lectures, Activities, and Exercises.


Language: Cantonese with English


Date & Time3-May 2019(Friday) ; 7:00pm – 9:30pm


VenueLIB101, Shue Yan University Library Complex

12 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemar Hill, North Point, Hong Kong



Fee:  $350 (Members)  $500 (Non-members)

  • Discount for workshops will also be given to participants submitting application together with NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION


About the Presenters:

Dr. Tse Pui Chi is the Founder as well as the former president of APCA. She is Program Director of the Counselling Program of COUN & PSY Department, Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Dr.Tse has been a counselling practitioner for over 35 years. She has a counselling trainer, teaching all sorts of counselling and psychology courses for around 20 years.


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