Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Counselling) ( 2020 2021

Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Counselling) ( 2020 2021

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Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Counselling)  (2020 2021)
(APCPA-approved training course for the Registered Clinical Counselling Supervisor)


The course (PCCSC) aims to prepare qualified counsellors to provide clinical supervision and grants a qualification that enables qualified counsellors to supervise students undertaking counselling training. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how clinical supervision of counselling is conceptualized from a theoretical point of view, delivered as a practical service, evaluated for efficacy, and developed as a profession.


The course includes both theoretical and practical components. Specifically, the course aims to help participants
◼ to understand the process of supervision and the nature of the supervisory relationship;
◼ become familiarized with a number of theories and research findings with regard to counselling supervision;
◼ to identify and practise basic supervisory skills;
◼ to become aware of some controversies on counselling supervision;
◼ to reflect on their own experiences of supervision, both as a supervisor and supervisee;
◼ to develop personal learning and supervisory styles.

This is a part-time course, providing 142 hours of training, including 42 hours of instructor-student contact time. The course is suitable for qualified and experienced counsellors who have interests to supervise.


◼ Duration of the entire training: around 10 months
◼ Lectures: first 3 months
◼ Supervisory practice and course work: following 7 months


Course Structure
This course is composed of three parts:
Part I : 30 hours lectures
Part II :  12 hours Supervision (6 hours individual supervision + 6 hours group supervision)
Part III: 20 hours fieldwork practice


Course Fee: $27,000 (including supervision)


For more details, please read the prgramme information here 


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Jess Choi:
16/05/2021, 07:24:58 AM

Any details of the next "Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (Counselling)"? Is this course will be run during 2021-2022? Thank you.

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