APCPA Symposium 2016

APCPA Symposium 2016

18/10/2016 1 Comment(s)

A symposium for all mental health professionals

Date: 10/12/2016
Time: 1400-1700

  1. Early identification of mental health issues in children
  2. Into 21st century mental health -- the fourth wave psychotherapy
  3. Current trends in the counselling profession and how play therapy plays a part
  4. "Is counsellor a healthcare practitioner?' - A reflection of the identity of counsellor in the voluntary accredited registers scheme for healthcare personnel in Hong Kong
  5. Attention and self-regulation in children: An integrated approach of cognitive, behavioral and parental training
  6. Inside the Mind of gambling addicts: what make them become obsessed?

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Doris wong:
23/10/2016, 05:17:33 PM

Great workshops

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